Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Online Scam Targeting Travelers

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It's been a while since I've last blogged about scams and scam warnings. However, since it's going to be 12-12-12, I feel like it's just right to write something that will warn people about one of the new online scams. If you're reading this lucky article and you travel a lot, this may be very useful.

Woman on a tropical hotel with laptop
You deserve to have a scam-free vacation just like her! :)
This scam alert is also helpful for me because I'm a traveler and I bring my laptop anywhere I go. According to this blog, one of the new scams that's been lurking online is a malware installed on a traveler's laptop through a software update on hotel internet connections. Recent analysis from the FBI demonstrates that malicious actors are targeting travelers abroad through pop up windows while establishing an internet connection in their hotel rooms.

FBI recommends that everyone who travels abroad should be very careful before updating software products through the hotel internet connection. You should check the author or digital certificate of any prompted update to see if it corresponds to the software vendor. It is also better if you do software updates before traveling if certain updates are necessary while abroad.

It's just sad that even those who are just going to have a vacation out of the country might be a victim of a scam and they don't even know it. Either your laptop is for personal or business use, you just have to take extra caution. Doing those advices above might be just the step needed for you to have a hassle-free vacation.

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