Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Robert Bonaccolta - Online Scam Artist

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One thing that we now know is that Scammers have their way with words. They know how to sweet talk their way into a business deal. Like what I've said, it's okay to be doubtful especially because we are talking to someone we don't know personally.

Investment Scheme is also a very popular online scam. It is when promoters of fraudulent investment operate a particular scam for a short time, close down before they can be detected, and quickly spend the money they take in. This article will serve as a warning about a scam artist who was involved in a property investment scheme.

Robert Bonaccolta (born 5/28/1969) like all Scammers tend to be friendly and nice which is a total opposite of his real character. He actually defrauded at least two people that I am aware of. He was involved in a real estate transaction where he stole from a foreign investor over $300,000 of money. Even though he already lied about multiple points in the deals, he was always clear about his intention of paying back the poor investor. However at the same time he was sweet talking, he continued stealing money and transferred a property to his own name and sold it for profit.

Encouraging-smiling guy.
Not Robert Bonaccolta.

Other investors he has scammed was about misrepresenting a sale. Don't get caught up with his words because Robert also known as Bobby Bonaccolta is a very dangerous guy and he will take your money at the first opportunity.

This is the kind of people we should be careful of. They are they reason why I made this blog. To be able to warn the people we love about the likes of Robert Bonaccolta. If you need more information about this scam artist, you can contact me through this blog.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Work at Home Online Scam

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Girl in front of a computer in her pajamas
There are a lot of different kinds of scams online. One of the most common is the Work at Home scam. It promises you a boss-free job and you're working from the comforts of your home. Who wouldn't find it tempting? For me, if it is Too Good To Be True I would definitely be doubtful. I think it is just okay to doubt and ask what's the catch? It shouldn't be that good without you giving something great in return.

Although, there are a lot legit job sites that offer legit home based jobs, Scammers still find their way through the job site's security. What you need to do is educated yourself before deciding to apply to a certain job post or even before signing up on a job site.

If they are asking you for money when signing up, it is a clear warning signal that it can only be an online scam. Most legit job sites I know and tried don't ask for any of your money. Also, one important thing you need to know that I have found from an article I've read although I revised it a little, is that legitimate home-based job promoters should let you know what's involved in the program they're selling.

What you should know before you commit:
  • your tasks
  • your salary (especially if it's fixed price or commission-based)
  • who's going to pay you
  • when will you get your first pay check
  • how much will you have to invest for the job (this is not just about the supplies or the equipment you're going to use but also your skill and effort)

What you should do before you commit:
  • verify the information you get with the employer's current workers.
  • type the company's or the promoter's name into a search engine with a word like review, complaint, or scam.
  • check out the company or the promoter with your local consumer protection agency to see if other people reported on their experiences.

With these tips in mind, I hope you'll be able to distinguish a scam from a legitimate job opportunity. I also believe in using your gut-feel, if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. If you're now ready to look for a home-based job, I would recommend you oDesk if you're looking for something part-time and if you're looking for a full time job.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Mission

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One morning while watching TV, I noticed most of the news were about victims of online scams. Seeing that person realizing now how naive she is for believing such a scheme, I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I was the one in that situation. If one of my loved ones lost his hard earned money just because he had taken a leap of faith and decided to trust the wrong person.

Scammers have that certain charm and talent to make you do things you don't usually do. They'll make you feel like you've known him for a long time and that there wouldn't be any reason for you to doubt him. They'll paint you a picture of a great life that will make you take the risk and invest.

sad man with his hand over his head

It got me inspired to try to help those innocent people whose dream is just to have a better life for him and his family. Making deals are okay as long as they are with the right person. However, most people can be taken away by sweet talks that they don't take precautionary measures.

I've decided to make this blog to help spread awareness to our families and friends. To prevent you from engaging in online scams. This is to let the people we love know whom to avoid especially when dealing business online. This is the perfect blog to help you stay away from scammers who have been plotting a fraudulent scheme just to make a quick profit. I just hope my blog could make a little bit of difference. ;)
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