Monday, November 19, 2012

My Mission

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One morning while watching TV, I noticed most of the news were about victims of online scams. Seeing that person realizing now how naive she is for believing such a scheme, I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I was the one in that situation. If one of my loved ones lost his hard earned money just because he had taken a leap of faith and decided to trust the wrong person.

Scammers have that certain charm and talent to make you do things you don't usually do. They'll make you feel like you've known him for a long time and that there wouldn't be any reason for you to doubt him. They'll paint you a picture of a great life that will make you take the risk and invest.

sad man with his hand over his head

It got me inspired to try to help those innocent people whose dream is just to have a better life for him and his family. Making deals are okay as long as they are with the right person. However, most people can be taken away by sweet talks that they don't take precautionary measures.

I've decided to make this blog to help spread awareness to our families and friends. To prevent you from engaging in online scams. This is to let the people we love know whom to avoid especially when dealing business online. This is the perfect blog to help you stay away from scammers who have been plotting a fraudulent scheme just to make a quick profit. I just hope my blog could make a little bit of difference. ;)
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