Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Robert Bonaccolta - Online Scam Artist

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One thing that we now know is that Scammers have their way with words. They know how to sweet talk their way into a business deal. Like what I've said, it's okay to be doubtful especially because we are talking to someone we don't know personally.

Investment Scheme is also a very popular online scam. It is when promoters of fraudulent investment operate a particular scam for a short time, close down before they can be detected, and quickly spend the money they take in. This article will serve as a warning about a scam artist who was involved in a property investment scheme.

Robert Bonaccolta (born 5/28/1969) like all Scammers tend to be friendly and nice which is a total opposite of his real character. He actually defrauded at least two people that I am aware of. He was involved in a real estate transaction where he stole from a foreign investor over $300,000 of money. Even though he already lied about multiple points in the deals, he was always clear about his intention of paying back the poor investor. However at the same time he was sweet talking, he continued stealing money and transferred a property to his own name and sold it for profit.

Encouraging-smiling guy.
Not Robert Bonaccolta.

Other investors he has scammed was about misrepresenting a sale. Don't get caught up with his words because Robert also known as Bobby Bonaccolta is a very dangerous guy and he will take your money at the first opportunity.

This is the kind of people we should be careful of. They are they reason why I made this blog. To be able to warn the people we love about the likes of Robert Bonaccolta. If you need more information about this scam artist, you can contact me through this blog.

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